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Kingrun  31 / 10.5 R 15

Tyre Size


Load Rating

109 (1030 Kg)

Speed Rating

Q (160 Klms/H)

Brand Name / Pattern

Kingrun M5000

Tyre Price


Tyre Description

 This Kingrun M5000 Tyre is apart of an incredible series of tyres with some of the advantage of some of the most advanced designs and technologies. The 31X10.5R15 features a Curved and streamlined design assisting in water evacuation and increasing performance and feel in wet conditions. In addition the design utilises a continuous block pattern which significantly increases control at the wheel. The large block pattern spacing allows for an incredible amount of grip and control when in muddy and marsh conditions. Phone or Visit ETyreStore today for more information relating to this tyre! Visit for more information.  
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